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I posted efukt 'My First Time' for on this site I thought I would follow up... Since that first time me and Joe had a few texts and phone calls exchanged and we were both interested in the other meet. I discovered that Joe was married but his wife is rarely interested in sex and even a coup. the two were released a week and Joe asked me to meet him at his work and so I made my way. I had to wait until parked at the corner for a few minutes, while the other workers left. I have to say that after a call that there is now ' free ride' and I went and parked in a parking lot of a small office building. Joe met me at the door and was obviously interested, I could see he had a hard, is against his pants, we went upstairs and an office and immediately kissed me passionately Joe - when your hard rubbed against We stripped my quiclky -. with just one word he said, and Joe began to suck again I found a table and enjoyed the feeling after a short noc.. and, Joe got up and returned to the desk and sucked - the second time in my life that I had a cock in my mouth. After a few minutes, Joe got up, took a condom and some lube. This time efukt gave me some efukt antiseptic wipes, and told me to clean me thoroughly. I'm a little confused, but did not, Joe, and then leaned over the desk. Then, instead of his cock I felt his tongue licking my hole hungrily. I never felt that feeling before, andwow! efukt I was in heaven! Cheers Vine and Joe came around and play with my on hard surfaces, making it even more enjoyable. I felt I was going to run and after a while I heard, Joe opened a cold distribution of condoms and lube in my ass, and slipped on her finger. I relaxed as I could, and then felt his cock inside me at loosening. Never had believd that I have not submitted, but while I was fucked, I actually said, 'Fuck me' - This made Joe increasing efukt its speed. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my ass cheek and avoice, and Joe whips me ! I have nothing against him, and he did a couple of times - it is always difficult. He increased his speed and then back the hair with one hand.... I was efukt his bitch.. ! After a few minutes, she had an orgasm on the desktop. Soon after, Joe whipped cream condom and came on my back and fell to my side. After returning to our breath, we can cleanse ourselves and tidy office. Joe had to rush home, and when I returned to my car, somehow believed that all who saw me exasctly knew what he was doing... ! Now I was licking my ass and I really liked. If someone enjoys these stories real, I can send some more. Let me know.
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